Hemingway’s Love Letters

high school hemingway

I often wonder how authors would feel if they knew that our modern world was consuming the work they had never anticipated publishing.  See:  Franz Kafka and Emily Dickinson.  What’s even more revealing is the correspondence some authors had with the ones who were closest to them in their lifetime.  One such example that sparked my interest today was that of Ernest Hemingway’s love letters.

A woman named Betsy Fermano went to a Hemingway exhibit at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum and recognized a name from her family (Coates).  Frances Elizabeth Coates was someone that Hemingway felt quite deeply about after they dated for a short time.  Two letters that passed between the two have survived and are on display in the exhibit.  These letters are important because they show a different side of the famous author that not many readers have had the opportunity to see.

The Paris Review covers these fascinating letters and more in detail here.


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